The 2019 Hyundai Ioniq vs The 2018 Toyota Prius

The Toyota prius vs ioniq been the king of hybrided for such a long time since this has existed — no extra car can be as synonymous with all hybrids and fuel market.

Hyundai has made hybrid cars earlier — versions of the Sonata are available as 2011 — although the Ioniq is different. It is the auto maker’s first vehicle designed from the bottom up to function as a hybrid or electric engine — including the Prius.

The Ioniq Hybrid squeaks that a fuel economy triumphs on newspaper, heading outside from an EPA – estimates 57/59/58 mpg city/highway/combined, which defeats the Toyota Prius ECO and its particular 58/53/56 mpg test with many ticks. At the same style, the non-eco variants of this Ioniq Hybrid, besides, result in a more 55/54/55 mpg quote, versus 54/50/52 mpg for the Prius.

The Toyota Prius has been the kings of the hybrids to get so long as it’s existed — no extra car is often as interchangeable with combinations and fuel market. However, a brand new contender is entering the fray. Also, it fits with the Prius on fuel-mileage and usefulness: the 20 17 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid.

Hyundai has made hybrid cars earlier — versions of those sonatas can be purchased as 2011 — even though the Ioniq is different.

The Ioniq Hybrid squeaks that a fuel-economy victory on newspaper, venturing outside from an EPA-estimated 57/59/58 mpg city/highway/combined, that beats the Toyota Prius ECO and its 58/53/56 mpg evaluation with many ticks. At precisely the same style, the non-eco versions of the Ioniq Hybrid, besides, lead to a more 55/54/55 mpg quote, versus 54/50/52 mpg for the Prius.

While each automobile is just as fuel-efficient, you’ll find many differences right from the beginning between both these hybrids, and you start using styling even though both hybrid hatchbacks have a very similar contour, the Prius sticks outside while the Ioniq Hybrid unites in. Each hybrid, besides, carries still another approach into this driving experience: Even the Prius and its consistently variable automatic transmission supply a rubberized band-y type of both brake and throttle response, while the Ionic Hybrid chooses to receive a high-value dual-clutch automatic that arouses (again) much exactly like a traditional vehicle. Let’s put it in this way: The Ioniq Hybrid strives to be inconspicuous, as the Prius wears neon and also has a boom-box on its particular shoulder.

So how can you pick from both these hybrid cars? For all auto shoppers, then it’s going to go back to appreciate. Listed here is what you can get it each hybrid version at a few rates.

Reduce Levels

The Prius has just one single enormous advantage within the Ioniq Hybrid: security technologies. Included in Toyota’s initiative to cover common forward crash mishap utilizing free flying to the vast majority of a unique vehicle in 2018, the Prius comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense-P, including automatic emergency braking combined with jet discovery and lane departure warning along with lane, maintain assist, along with adaptive cruise control. Those features are not ordinary on someone among those Ioniq’s three degrees; nonetheless, they’re not available about the Blue variant and can be found only as a part of option packs to the SEL and Limited models.

These are the two trims offering the very best fuel market for the various models. There is an essential difference at a price due to the trimming amount — even $ 3,000 is not anything to sneeze in — however, the 2 ECO is well-equipped relatively, especially on the security front: In accordance with TSS-P is standard on both ECO, and not one of the technologies are available in regards to the Blue.

Each hybrid comes with display sound systems with sized displays (6.1 inches across the Toyota, 7 inches across the Hyundai), copy lenses, fabric upholstery and closeness key entrance, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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