2019 – Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid vs. 2018 Toyota Prius:


In comparison to the alloy, the Hyundai ioniq hybrid vs prius plastic gas tank may Withstand tougher, more intrusive effects without leaking; that reduces the potential for fire. The Toyota Prius comes with a metal gas tank.

Warning methods and rear parking sensors, back cross-path Warning, and motorist attentive tracks.


The Ioniq Hybrid Includes a Whole 5-year/60,000-mile basic Warranty that covers the full car and comprises 24hour roadside aid.


J.D. Power and Associates’ 2019 poll of those Proprietors of all Three-year-old vehicles supplies the longterm dependability statistics which reveal that Hyundai vehicles tend to be somewhat more reliable than Toyota vehicles. J.D. Power rankings Hyundai 6th invisibility, above the market average. With 3 more issues per 100 cars, Toyota is ranked 8th.


Hybrid generates 18 more horsepower (139 vs. 12-1 ) compared to Prius’ 1.8


Brakes and Stopping

Tires and Wheels

Suspension and Handling

The Ioniq Hybrid has standard front gas-charged shocks for better control over uneven roads. The Prius’ suspension does not offer you gas-charged shocks.

For better stability and handling, the typical track (width Between your brakes ) over the Ioniq Hybrid Vehicle is 1.5 inches wider at the front and also 1.6 inches wider at the trunk compared to ordinary trail over the Prius.

The Ioniq Hybrid BLUE manages at .87 G, although the Prius 2 E CO brings just .79 G of brute force at a Motor Trend skidpad evaluation.

The Ioniq Hybrid BLUE implements Motor Trend’s”Figure Eight” Repeat 1.4 minutes faster compared to the Prius 2 ECO (27.5 minutes @ .61 moderate G’s up to 28.9 minutes @ .55 reasonable G’s).


As tested by Car and Driver, the Inside of this Ioniq Hybrid Limited is more straightforward compared to the Prius Four Touring:

Passenger Space

Because it’s more passenger and freight space, the EPA prices The Ioniq Hybrid a large car, as the Prius has been graded a mid-size. The Ioniq Hybrid includes 3.1 cubic feet greater passenger volume than the Prius (96.2 vs. 93.1).

The Ioniq Hybrid has.4 inches front hip place, 1.1 Inches front shoulder space, 2.3 inches more rear legrooms, inch rear hip rooms and two inches more rear shoulder room compared to the Prius.

Cargo Capacity

The Ioniq Hybrid has a much larger back than the Prius using Its back seat upward (26.5 vs. 24.6 cubic feet).


When distinct drivers discuss that the Ioniq Hybrid Limited, the Optional memory chairs ensure it is suitable. Each setting triggers different, personalized memories to that driver’s chair posture. The Prius does not provide seats.

The electricity windows regular on either the Ioniq Hybrid and also the Prius have locks to avoid modest children from working. After the lock onto the Ioniq Hybrid Vehicle is participated that the motorist can still operate every one the windows, as an example to close opened with a kid. Even the Prius prevents the driver from working one other window as it will one passenger.

Consumer Reports ranked the Ioniq Hybrid’s Headlight Performance”Very Good,” a higher score compared to the Prius’ headlights, which were rated”Good” The Ioniq Hybrid comes with a standard automatic light on/off feature. After the ignition is on, the headlight automatically turn on at dusk and away after sunrise. The Prius comes with an automatic headlight on/off feature standard just on the 2 Eco/Three/Four.

To assist motorists in viewing additional while browsing curves, the Ioniq Hybrid Limited presents optional flexible headlights to light around corners by reading auto rate and steering wheel angle. The Prius does not offer cornering lights.

To protect the driver and front passenger’s eyesight within a Larger section of the windshield and side windows, that the Ioniq Hybrid has conventional extendable sun visors. The Prius does not offer you extendable visors.

The Ioniq Hybrid’s typical dual zone air conditioning Allows the driver and front passenger to select two different temperatures. Therefore, individuals who have different temperature preferences won’t need to undermine. This leaves the driver & front passenger as comfortable as you possibly can. The Prius does not provide dual zone air conditioning.

Both Ioniq Hybrid as well as also the Prius offer back vents. To get Greater back passenger comfort, the Ioniq Hybrid Limited presents optional back Ac vents to stay back occupants cool at warm or summer. The Prius will not offer you again airconditioning vents, just heat vents.