Got your dream intern in New York City? Are you super exciting right? You are probably done with the packing, VISA, and other formalities. Maybe you have even decided on what places you should visit once you get there. But here comes the big question: Where will you stay? Not all universities and colleges in New York offer campus lodgings. New York can be quite an expensive city and if you are new here, you will have a hard time finding affordable places for a stay. Here are some of the best places to find summer intern housing NYC.



Unlike several other housing services in New York, the NYCIntern is highly focussed on the students and interns. They provide short-term, top quality, housing options for students. Most students just look for two things in an apartment: a safe neighborhood and affordability. NYCIntern provides you with both. They provide furnished, comfortable apartments and residential type rooms at cheap rates. Their apartments are safe and available in popular, appropriate and sought-after neighborhoods.

The New School

The New School summer intern housing NYC service offers a housing program for interns in NewYork that helps them find affordable houses. They have their home base in Manhattan near the Union Square and the Chelsea. They are mostly available from the end of May to early August.They provide residences with four suite-style halls. Their residences are conveniently located near stores, restaurants, and public transportation. All their rooms are air-conditioning and fully furnished. The rooms are also coupled with wireless internet, refrigerators, individual mailboxes and large screen TV lounges.

So, if you are an intern or a full-time student living or planning to move to New York City for the academic year or semester, then make sure you check these guys out.

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