Spam Free Inbox:

Aren’t you tired of receiving tons of junk and spam mails every day without being classified in the inbox? It is a nightmare to have an email consisting of such junk and phishing mails that may lead to a hazardous data loss by a single click. It is a very common form of cyber-attack being launched by the users. But now, there’s no need to worry about any such breaches or leaks by having an automatic encrypting spam filtering service provided by EveryCloud. It is done with great ease automatically once set-up with no premium cost maintenance or plans.

spam filtering

The end to end encryption service helps in auto encrypting and signing of all the outgoing mails using the public recipient key. Also it auto decrypts the encrypted mails being received. It is a defence mechanism to protect your organisation or ecosystem from hackers, snoops and fraudsters. With its multiple encryption mechanisms such as TLS, DANE, PGP, EMIG, SMIME or Websafe, it is an extremely powerful tool. You have the control to tag the subject, add an encryption policy and manage certifications regarding the mail using the control panel being provided.

Set up and Regulation:

  • No maintenance or any sort of installation required
  • After the 30 day trial, you can opt for plans being broadcasted or sign off if not satisfied.

The spam filtering service runs on ironclad redundant computer centres meaning no worry of installation of a software, it is maintenance or troubleshooting. Upon signing up for the service, each user is assigned its unique signature. All it requires is a slight tweak in the mail exchange record of the organisation to automatically secure all the incoming and outgoing mails from the mail server before being displayed in your box. With lightning fast scanning under 1 second, it removes any malware or junk before passing a clean mail.

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