Slim’s E-Juice—Outstanding e-Liquid at Unbelievable Prices

What is e-Liquid?

We know we are in the 21st century when we are introduced to things like e-liquid and everybody seems to be raving about it. E-liquid also was known by other names like e-juice or smoke juice is a nicotine-based liquid that is used in e-cigarettes or vaporizers. The customer has the choice of adding the amount of nicotine in his e-juice as per his requirements. It can range from 12mg, 18mg to a high dose of 24mg. There are also e-juices with 0mg of nicotine with only the flavours and vapours.

Slims eJuice

The popularity of e-liquid vapour inhalation can be credited to the following factors-

  • The most important factor is the health concern. We all are well aware of the risk of lung cancer associated with traditional smoking.
  • Smoking an e-cigarette can save a smoker a handsome amount of money as compared to what is spent on smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes can certainly add more flavours to your smoking.

Slim’s eJuice

So if you are considering new to the concept of e-liquid and are still awestruck at the new concept, imagine smoking a cheesecake flavoured e-cigarette!  And no we are not joking here, flavours like these and many more are a serious business at the Slims eJuice, an ultimate destination for e-liquids of all kinds. They are the experts at their work and are popular for delivering top-grade e-liquid products.

Smoking affects almost every other organ in the body and the ill effects of it are seen when the old age shines. E liquids have helped a large number of smoking by curbing and eradicating their addictiveness of smoking. It is because of this addictive nature of smoking that the nicotine produces a craving surge to take in more. This is what happens with the chain smokers.


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