Pit Boss Vs Traeger Smokegears

Another reason why I enjoy pellet grills is it is like having the benefits of a pit boss vs traeger, a gas grill, and a wood/charcoal grill all in a single. If you’re reading that, you’ve probably decided to purchase one and which means you are already ahead of the 95% of grilling enthusiasts. Congratulations!

The convenience of a gas grill

Fill the hopper with pellets, set your preferred temperature (and also a timer if you would like ) and to prepare a side dish or drink beer with friends. No charcoal grill will give you this freedom.

Taste and taste of some wood smoker

Pellets are made of wood, and so they come in a multitude of feelings to choose from. No gas grill can offer the food which smoky flavor and taste.

Maybe not just grilling

Utilize your pellet grill for drinking, smoking, roasting, braising, slow cooking, and even skillet. No charcoal or gas grill will give you so many options.

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