Metatrader 4 review: An electronic platform for global foreign exchange

Trade is the backbone of a developing economy. The advancement in technology has led to the emergence of various platforms of trade. The benefits provided by modern electronic trading platforms are making them a promising and hustle free medium for trade. One such electronic platform is MetaTrader which is freely available online and is the most popular retail trading platform where one can choose a broker. It was developed by MetaQuotes and released in 2005. The software is licensed for foreign exchange to the clients and the trade is direct via the browser.

metatrader 4 review

Global economy and role of MetaTrader

The foreign exchange of currencies or Forex is a trading business of buying and selling currencies. MetaTrader is the most used and promising online trading platform for forex marketing. The components include a server and a client. The server is operated by the broker while the client component becomes the broker’s customers. It uses MQL script which is Marketing Qualified Lead which is a programming language similar to C/C++. It has the version for both mobile and desktop.

The impressive trading functions of MetaTrader includes:

We can create your own trading system using MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) using the expert advice by exploring the trade strategies.

  • Analysis, price moves, and trends are indicated and can be viewed in real time
  • Provides professional graphics package
  • Execution and monitoring of the trading
  • Complete access to trading instruments
  • It keeps the record of the trade history
  • One-click dealing
  • Trade multiple accounts
  • It has a reliable data protection
  • The data exchange between the server and client is encrypted.

The quality functionality of metatrader4 review makes is the best-known platform for forex till date as it provides wide analytical opportunities.

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