Lookout for basketball enthusiasts: Best basketball shoes for ankle support

Out of many basketball enthusiasts hardly there would be any who would be spared of ankle injuries. Be it running, jumping or a crossover to earn a basket or landing back to the ground, its ankle bearing a relative exertion. If not being cautious the player might land up with severe ankle injuries as in sprain, muscle tear and even fractures.

Fortunately market has a range for best basketball shoes for ankle support designed to provide support to your ankles and increase the stability. Many players even opt for ankle braces or ankle taping for increased stability.


Best Basketball shoes with Ankle support
source: sportten.com

What one needs to check out when looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support?

When one is going to spend some bucks they need to shortlist the best as per their requirements. For that, there can be a general guideline you can always keep in mind. They bring-

  • Comfort- of course, the first thing that clicks when you talk about shoes is the comfort so that it eases the play instead of making it more tedious.
  • Cushion- the cushioning of the soles is important to provide maximum shock absorption.
  • Support-it should be providing maximum support to the joint and related muscles.
  • Stability – to ensure the proper landings and rebounding jumps, the stability of the shoes is the key factor.
  • Grip- a nice grip provides a better lockdown with the field decreasing the risks of your tipping over
  • Traction- it’s about the adequate tension required in the muscles.
  • Fit-ensuring the socks like the fit
  • Light weight-so that they can be worn with ease rather than a burden.

Hence for those ambitious basketball lovers for whom it’s not just another game these shoes are a must have and now this guideline obviously would be of some help to shortlist your best basketball shoes for ankle support.


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