Comparing: 2019 Toyota Prius V vs 2019 Kia Niro PHEV

I was outside with my spouse doing some food shopping now. How home I observed that the regional Kia automobile had seven brand new Niros in the whole lot. Since the Niro premiered, I believed it a sensible option to this Prius v. I ceased in the Kia Niro vs Toyota chr that was abandoned apart from roughly eight alone salespersons.

One of those salespersons kindly greeted us at the doorway and Attracted a brand new Niro into the parking slots facing the showroom for all of us to test. He left the Niro close into your 2019 Prius v. The very first thing I noticed is that the Niro was of a foot shorter than the Prius v. The Niro had less street attendance. It appeared as if a standard low-end hatchback.

We checked the inside and discovered it to be almost The backspace was somewhat smaller. There is no spare tire; however, there’s a distance for a streamlined free that can be bought from the merchant. The caliber of the inner wasn’t wrong but nothing especially outstanding. This had been quite a healthy looking econobox interior.

I had been impressed by the journey, engine reaction and also deficiency of Noise within our 20-minute street evaluation. The Niro was considerably quieter compared to our Prius. It’d make less engine and road noise, and even the ride was harsh.

Our Prius V tester has been likewise kitted together with all the $5,985 Technology package, that includes a whole lot of modern amenities — sunroof, power driver’s seat, navigation, and heated front seats, 17-inch brakes, smart-key entrance and such — but in addition some crucial security products, including lane passing awake, lively radar cruise control, pre-collision system, along with automatic high-beams. Thus, it’s maybe not the V is dangerous or uneasy; it’s merely overly dull in comparison to the Niro’s cottage. Ft. with the trunk row.

Still, that is not enough to influence me. The Prius V certainly Takes it upon the viability and reliability fronts, however that I can not shake the Niro may be your all round buy here and from a way of a very long haul. Styling is entirely subjective, so rotational reaction leaves somewhat to be desirable and also reliability remains up in the atmosphere. However, for all its drawbacks, the Niro yields superior fuel market offers better value because of its rides and price a whole lot more smoothly subsequently your Prius V. Oh, also with no Prius V, the Niro does not irritatingly beep in you if the reverse is engaged.

The transmission and engine combination felt significantly more powerful. Hard to tell whether the operation was better without even instrumented testing. I enjoyed the texture of this six-speed car transmission in contrast to Prius CVT.

The Niro includes All of the new Security characteristics within a technician bundle And also Android Automobile which wasn’t available after we purchased our Prius.

After all, I really could be happy using a Niro. Additionally, the Nero includes standard with roof rails which put in lots of usefulness to compensate for the bigger trunk. Who is aware of the real-world fuel market and reliability?

With only 40,000 miles, I am not ready to exchange the Prius in This stage.

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